LON01 – EasyIPT – 22/05/2017

Our network monitoring has just alerted us to a loss of a VOIP interconnect with one of our primary carriers. We are currently investigating the issue as a matter of priority. Calls active at the time may have dropped however traffic should have re-routed.

UPDATE01 – 11:05
We can confirm traffic has re-routed as expected. We did observe a drop is call traffic as our network adjusted to the routing changes and is not unexpected. A fault has been logged with our remote carrier as all our remote tests are passing.

UPDATE02 – 11:11
We have seen our BGP session restore along with our preferred routing. Calls remained active. We are still awaiting an update for our affected carrier.

UPDATE03 – 11:45
Our remote carrier has confirmed they are not at fault and they simply saw the same as we did in our logs.

UPDATE04 – 12:25
Our fibre wave provider has confirmed they suffered an issue with part of there network. We again apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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