Monthly Archives: February 2016

LON01 – EasyIPT – 29/02/2016 – 21:30 till 22:00 *Emergency Maintenance* *Complete*

Following on from reports today of SIP channel limits being reached for both inbound and outbound calls affecting some of our managed PBX systems, work has been undertaken on our core softswitch to try and identify the root cause of this issue.

Changes have been made to the platform however a emergency reboot is required. Due to the size of the platform this reboot will take up-to 15 minutes to complete. During this time inbound and outbound calls will be limited.

We will advise once service is restored and calls are routing again.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE01 – 21:40 softswitch reboot is complete, we are monitoring traffic flow

UPDATE02 – 22:55 A random check on managed PBX systems are showing registration, however this is not reflected on our softswitch, traffic is flowing however.

UPDATE03 – 22:10 Systems continue to show inaccurate data about the status of some registrations. We suspect stuck SIP sessions on some managed PBXs as this is affecting a wide range of PBX software versions.

UPDATE04 – 21:40 All affected managed PBXs are showing as on-line correctly.

LON01 – 26/02/2016 – 15:40 – CORE01.LON01 *INCIDENT* *RESOLVED*

We are aware CORE01.LON01 within our network has suffered a software reload affecting all services directly connected to it. Other parts of the network are unaffected.

UPDATE01 – 15:45
CORE01.LON01 has now recovered and we are reviewing the crash logs for the root cause. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATE02 – 16:15
A incident report is now available HERE

LON01 – 22/02/2016 – IPv6 Changes

We have been running IPv6 on our core network for over 2 years now, and during this time offering test IPv6 subnets to Leased Line customers as well as enabling some of our back end platforms.

Over the next 4 weeks we will be re-configuring IPv6 on our core network to enable this connectivity on the various DSL infrastructure for testing purposes.

No service interruption is expected to be seen for IPv4 based connectivity, however IPv6 users may see some degraded service while various parts of the core are reconfigured. Any service affecting works are expected to take place outside of hours.

UPDATE01 21:00 – 23/02/2016
We have reconfigured our core to the new permanent (we hope) IPv6 addressing scheme. BGP sessions have been reconfigured and are back on-line. The next Phase is to reconfigure our Ethernet services.

UPDATE02 22:30 – 05/03/2016
Both LNS01 and LNS02 now have IPv6 built and enabled on there respective interfaces. We plan to build and enable the IPv6 BGP sessions back to our core shortly. This will enable us to enable test accounts with a IPv6 prefix.

UPDATE03 23:30 – 05/03/2016
IPv6 BGP is now enabled on LNS01 & LNS02 between our core. IPv6 prefixes are now available for testing on our DSL network.

UPDATE04 01/04/2016
standard Ethernet services are now also fully enabled for IPv6 and we welcome test clients.
UPDATE05 22/04/2016 – 21:19
ALL Ethernet services (services including a backup media) are now also fully enabled for IPv6. Fail over has been tested without issue. We also added some IPv4 config tweaks to these circuits. These again have been tested without fault, however clients may have been a “blip” or two while we checked these config changes worked as expected. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.