Ethernet EAD – 22/07/2022 – 11:30

We are aware there are a small number of layer 2 ethernet services currently down at the moment. Internal investigations show this to be a upstream supplier issue and we are currently engaging with them to locate the fault.

UPDATE01: 11:40

We are seeing services down from BT Wholesale, Openreach EAD Direct, TTB so we suspect this may be a common POP failure between layer2 providers landing circuits in London. Customers with backup will have automatically kicked in and re-routed.

UPDATE02: 12:00

We are still awaiting for an official update from our layer2 provider as to the root cause of this issue but they have advised they are seeing circuits down with a large number of calls on hold to the service desks.

We have already escalated to our management contacts to push for information so we can provide detailed updates.

UPDATE03: 12:25

Our Layer2 provider has now declared a “Major Incident”

They have advised this appears to be related to a “DNS issue” but we have disputed that. We are continuing to chase for updates. We apologise to affected customers and the inconvenience this is causing.

UPDATE04: 12:41

Our layer2 provider has now advised of a major internal core network problem affecting more than just layer2 services. This is currently affecting less than 10% of our overall EAD circuits with this layer2 provider and services delivered via other layer2 partners are unaffected.

We have been advised internal teams are working to identify the root cause and issue a fix. We again apologise to affected customers and the inconvenience this is causing.

UPDATE05: 12:55

Following further pressure to our account manager we have been advised this is affecting layer2 services being delivered to us via a core device located in there network at Interxion London with multiple service tunnels flapping.

We have been advised there will be a further update by 13:30

UPDATE06: 13:40

A further update has been provided to advise they are still working on why network tunnels on this device are “flapping” They have advised a further update by 15:30 but we will keep pushing for information and a ETA on service resolution.

UPDATE07: 15:05

Our network monitoring has shown our end points are reachable again on the affected circuit’s. We have no been provided an official clear yet and services should still be classed as at risk.

UPDATE08: 17:00

Our layer2 provider has advised they have re-routed around the affected device and are currently working with the hardware vendor to establish why the device has failed in the way it has. We suspect there may be a short outage at a later date once services are re-routed back via this device but we will advise at the time.