HOR-DC – *at risk*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to multiple circuit failures within our Horsham facility. Initial diagnostics seem to show fibre breaks and we suspect this may be the result of civil contractors. Traffic is flowing across redundant paths in to the building with no loss of primary peering or transit, but should be considered “at risk” due to operating on redundant links.

Ethernet services that terminate in to our Horsham facility will have automatically failed over to backup if purchased.

Faults have been logged with Openreach and we will keep updating this page as we know more.

UPDATE 01 – 12:01

We have seen all our “primary” fibre links recover and service has been restored, however no official update has been provided. We are still awaiting recovery of the other affected fibre links.

UPDATE 02 – 12:10

Openreach engineering teams are on route to our facility.

UPDATE 03 – 14:50

Openreach are on site

UPDATE 04 – 15:00 *FINAL*

All fiber links have been restored. Contractors working on the Openreach network had trapped one of our fibre tubes running that route and caused bends on the groups of affected fibre to the point light was unable to pass.

Tubing and fibres have been re run in the AG Node by Openreach and service has been restored.