Broadband – 11:55 – 13/10/2021

We are aware of a large drop on broadband services across the UK. We are currently investigating as a matter of urgency.

UPDATE01 – 12:05

Internal investigations have concluded the fault is not within our network and we are working with our wholesale providers.

UPDATE02 – 13:05

We are aware some users are seeing a BT Wholesale landing page / getting private WAN IPs. This is where connections are not routing to our network. We are continuing to work with our suppliers to find the root cause but we have see connections restore. Anyone without a connection, please reboot your router by removing power for 5 minutes.

UPDATE03 – 13:38

We have had an update from wholesale to advise the issue appears to be with their RADIUS PROXY servers that relay authentication credentials to our network. This would account for the BT Wholesale holding page as requests are not getting to us.

We have asked for an ETA. But would ask end users reboot there router to see if there connection restores.

UPDATE 04 – 14:30

We have been advised the fix has been applied and we are seeing a large number of circuits reconnect. We are awaiting for an RFO and will publish when this is made available. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Any users without connection are advised to power down there hardware for 20 minutes.