LON01 – Level3 – 30/06/2016 – 15:30

We are aware of a problem with one of our primary transit interconnects with Level3. This is affecting services across the network that transverse over that link.

We are currently looking in to this as a priority.

UPDATE01 – 15:40
After reviewing our network we can confirm this is a problem with our Adapt transit link and not the Level3 side and are taking steps to shutdown this session.

UPDATE02 – 15:45
We have received notice from Adapt that the network issue there side is a result of a high level DDos attack on part of there network.

UPDATE03 – 15:49
Adapt have confirmed the traffic has been mitigated and we have re-enabled the link.

UPDATE04 – 15:50
CORE02 unexpectedly reloaded when this link was re-enabled due to a full BGP table being received and not filtered correctly which would have affected DSL services terminating on this core. DSL services re-routed to CORE01 as expected. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

UPDATE04 – 15:55
CORE02 has recovered and is accepting connections again.

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