LON01 – C4L Frontier Interconnect *Resolved*

Our network monitoring has just alerted us to a loss of our C4L layer2 circuit to Frontier. Some active VoIP calls over this carrier / link will have dropped.

C4L have just issued a Connectivity Issue alert on their NOC.

While the interconnect has been restored we are, given historic outages on this link manually re-routing all outbound traffic away from Frontier to avoid any repeats on outbound traffic flow caused by the C4L issue.

If a re-occurrence does occur then we will drop the circuit completely which will result in our network re-routing ALL VoIP traffic over alternative links. This will have an impact while BGP re-converges and is a last resort option.

We apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

UPDATE01 16:01
We have been contacted by our account manager at C4L to advise this is a STP problem once again. A complaint has been issued with C4L and we continue to route outbound calls via an alternative carrier. Inbound remains via the effected link and will be transferred if the link suffers another drop. This advised will case a loss of service while BGP re-converges.

UPDATE02 16:45
The link has remained stable since the initial alert and inbound traffic has remained active without any further loss. C4L has advised that primary POPs have been restored. We will re-enable this link for outbound traffic later tonight.

UPDATE02 18:00
Outbound traffic has now been re-enabled on this link and we are monitoring. Once and RFO is provided we will issue it via the NOC.

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