EasyIPT – Network Changes

In line with a previous NOC announcement whereby a BT IPX outage caused service disruption for our EasyIPT VoIP platform (both managed and unmanaged) Structured Communications have, as a result invested in a redundant carrier grade switch along with private bulk fibre and cross-connects to new and existing voice carriers. (known as upstream providers)

This solution enables us to directly peer with our upstream providers taking out the public internet and resulting in a more robust connection.

These new and existing providers directly terminate in to our carrier grade switch via private SST trunks and our private interconnects. This gives Structured Communications diverse routing in the event of an upstream network issue.

Customers who have a fully managed system with Structured Communications will be automatically migrated outside of hours.

Customers who simply take a SIP trunk from us via our existing carrier will be required to make changes to your PBX. (You will be contacted shortly via the email address on your account)

We are still awaiting the completion of various cross connects from their respective network providers and expect this to take no more than 2 weeks with the migration completed with 4 weeks.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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