LON01 – EasyXDSL – 02/12/2016 – 16:20

Our networking monitoring has alerted us to a large number of DSL circuits going off-line.

initial checks shows this to be a supplier outage and we are already engaged with them.

UPDATE01 – 17:00
We have chased our suppliers for an update who advise they are still working to isolate the fault

UPDATE02 – 17:37
We are continuing to chase for an update. We have been advised this has been made more complex due to another possible wholesale fault

We have confirmed the fault is not within our network and this now appears to only be affecting connections in the South of England.

UPDATE03 – 19:00

our supplier has advised there is a line card failure within there backhull network. Replacement hardware is required and a ETA of 21:30 has been placed on service restoration for affected users.

UPDATE04 – 21:25
We are seen services restore and have requested an RFO from our supplier. We apologise for the issues caused.

TR069 – Routers

We are aware a very small proportion of new ZyXel AMG1202-T10B routers supplied by us are subject to the TR069 exploit that is currently in the media. As well as the main stream providers our network engineers have also been able to devise a resolution.

Clients with a ZyXel AMG1202-T10B who currently have no internet access are advised to contact us during working hours so we can log your case as they are dealt with manually due to requiring engineering resources.

LON01- Leased Lines – BT Wholesale – 01/12/2016 – 09:37

Our networking monitoring has alerted us to a failure of several BT wholesale provided leased lines. Initial calls to them advise they have a failure of a core network device. Engineers have been dispatched to site.

circuits with a backup connection will have re-routed.

UPDATE01 01 – 10:00
We have observed a number of connections restore with a number still offline. We are chasing our supplier for an update as they advise this looks to be power related at there rack.

UPDATE01 02 – 11:00
We have been advised this has been resolved and are awaiting and RFO.