LON01 – ESXi01.R01 – 30/06/2014 *At Risk*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to an issue with ESXi.R01 whereby this server is not responding to remote management query’s correctly.

All VM sessions on this server are still running correctly, however this could change without warning due to the de-graded nature of the server. Should this happen the EasyBond NOC will go offline. This in itself won’t cause an outage for any EasyBond customers, however when the VM session restores this will cause a 30 second outage while the bonded service on the aggregators is reset by the NOC.

ESXi01.R01 will be rebooted outside of hours tonight to resolve this. The above detailed outage will also be seen.

LON01 – Frontier Systems BGP / Interconnect Session – 21:00- 22:00 – 27/06/2014 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

We have just had the completed delivery of our fibre cross connect to Frontier System. We will be enabling a BGP session with them tonight in the above window. During this window our traffic to them will be disrupted while BGP reconverges with the new route information.

UPDATE01 – 22:00
We have had issues establishing a BGP session to Frontier, We suspect this is due to a configuration issue on the remote side. We have raised a ticket with Frontier for investigation.

UPDATE02 – 01:00 – 28/06/2014UPDATE03 – 14:00 – 28/06/2014

London LINX

Our network monitoring has alerted us to an issue at the London LINX exchange. This will be having an impact on any customer who uses a 3rd party connection to connect to our services.

UPDATE 01 – 11:32
Service has been restored and we are seeing traffic route via LINX again. As we have no direct relationship or take services from LINX, there wont be a RFO.

EasyIPT – Network Changes

In line with a previous NOC announcement whereby a BT IPX outage caused service disruption for our EasyIPT VoIP platform (both managed and unmanaged) Structured Communications have, as a result invested in a redundant carrier grade switch along with private bulk fibre and cross-connects to new and existing voice carriers. (known as upstream providers)

This solution enables us to directly peer with our upstream providers taking out the public internet and resulting in a more robust connection.

These new and existing providers directly terminate in to our carrier grade switch via private SST trunks and our private interconnects. This gives Structured Communications diverse routing in the event of an upstream network issue.

Customers who have a fully managed system with Structured Communications will be automatically migrated outside of hours.

Customers who simply take a SIP trunk from us via our existing carrier will be required to make changes to your PBX. (You will be contacted shortly via the email address on your account)

We are still awaiting the completion of various cross connects from their respective network providers and expect this to take no more than 2 weeks with the migration completed with 4 weeks.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

LON01 – EasyHTTP / EasyIPT(Hosted) – 19/06/2014 – 20:00-23:00 – Planned Maintenance *COMPLETE*

We will be undertaking work in LON01to relocate servers for the EasyHTTP & EasyIPT(Hosted) platforms within our racks. This work will result in a brief disruption to service.

This work is to create space within Rack01 for the insulation of our new carrier grade switch following on from our previous NOC announcement and planned upgrades. A new post will be created in relation to this upgrade as unmanaged trunks will require PBX changes.

UPDATE01 – 20:10
This work has started

UPDATE02 – 20:15
Engineers have advised we also need to power down our network monitoring server. This has been approved.

UPDATE03 – 11:59
This work is now complete

LON01 – Zen BGP Session – 01:00- 04:00 – 12/06/2014 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

We have been advised by Zen that they will be upgrading supervisor software on part of their core network where our cross-connect terminates. During this time we expect our BGP session to drop and be unavailable.

Minimal service disruption is expected as traffic will re-coverage over other upstream providers while the link is down.

LON01 – BGP Update – 22:30- 00:30 – 04/06/2014 *COMPLETE*

BT Wholesale have today completed the fit and test on our optical bearer to Zen for private peering and transit.

We will be bringing the BGP session online tonight in the above maintenance window.

There will be service disruption for any customer who route to us via Zen on a single xDSL circuit, bonded customers who have a Zen circuit in the cluster will see this go indirect and a reduction in speed and redundancy will be seen for the duration.

We expect the disruption to be minimal and only during BGP convergence (this includes testing)

UPDATE01 – 21:00
maintenance window moved to 22:30 – 00:30

UPDATE02 – 23:45
Work has started

UPDATE03 – 00:10
The BGP session is now up and traffic is flowing as expected.

UPDATE04 – 02:47
maintenance window closed