Monthly Archives: June 2014

LON01 – ESXi01.R01 – 30/06/2014 *At Risk*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to an issue with ESXi.R01 whereby this server is not responding to remote management query’s correctly.

All VM sessions on this server are still running correctly, however this could change without warning due to the de-graded nature of the server. Should this happen the EasyBond NOC will go offline. This in itself won’t cause an outage for any EasyBond customers, however when the VM session restores this will cause a 30 second outage while the bonded service on the aggregators is reset by the NOC.

ESXi01.R01 will be rebooted outside of hours tonight to resolve this. The above detailed outage will also be seen.

LON01 – Frontier Systems BGP / Interconnect Session – 21:00- 22:00 – 27/06/2014 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

We have just had the completed delivery of our fibre cross connect to Frontier System. We will be enabling a BGP session with them tonight in the above window. During this window our traffic to them will be disrupted while BGP reconverges with the new route information.

UPDATE01 – 22:00
We have had issues establishing a BGP session to Frontier, We suspect this is due to a configuration issue on the remote side. We have raised a ticket with Frontier for investigation.

UPDATE02 – 01:00 – 28/06/2014UPDATE03 – 14:00 – 28/06/2014

London LINX

Our network monitoring has alerted us to an issue at the London LINX exchange. This will be having an impact on any customer who uses a 3rd party connection to connect to our services.

UPDATE 01 – 11:32
Service has been restored and we are seeing traffic route via LINX again. As we have no direct relationship or take services from LINX, there wont be a RFO.