Ticket System – support.structuredcommunications.co.uk *RESOLVED*

We are aware of an issue with our ticket system whereby the main website is not loading. It’s also possible emailed tickets are not being processed.

As we do not host the site internally due to diversity, we are investigating the issue with our 3rd party provider.

If your query is urgent then please contact us via phone.

UPDATE 01 – 12:21
We have been advised the root cause has now been addressed and this was caused by a DNS lookup limitation which has been removed while a long time solution is found.

EasyHTTP – 30/01/2014 – 18:00 – Maintenance *CLOSED*

We have had reports of performance issues on EasyHTTP.
Engineers are looking at the issue. Services may be restarted without warning after 20:00

UPDATE01 – 18:30
The performance issues seem isolated to MySQL driven websites.

UPDATE02 – 23:15
Engineers have installed Microsoft Wincache and enabled the extension for PHP5.4
Various updates to the my.ini files have been made and a server reload has been completed.

Website loading times have seen a 100% improvement and are around 2.5seconds, which is in line with various Windows based platforms.

EasyIPT – VoIP Calls – Outbound Delay *RESOLVED*

We are aware of a fault where outbound calls are taking up to 30 seconds to connect. Engineers are currently investigating this and will update you as more information becomes available.

UPDATE01 – 09:45
We are seeing outbound calls starting to connect as normal again. Inbound should also now be working.

UPDATE01 – 10:30
We have requested further details from our wholesaler as to the cause of the issue.

EasyBond NS02 – 21:29 – 23/01/2014 *RESOLVED*

We are aware ns02.r01.lon.adapt.easybond.co.uk is not processing DNS lookup requests. We are currently looking in to the issue and will provide an update shortly. NS01 (ns01.r01.lon.adapt.easybond.co.uk) is operating normally so this should not be service effecting.

UPDATE 01 – 21:45
This issue has been resolved by re-loading the IPTABLE rules.

xDSL connectivity – 16:30 – 17/01/2014 *RESOLVED*

We are aware of a wholesale issue currently affecting our xDSL customer base, manifesting itself as poor performance.

Our Systems team are currently investigating. Further information will be provided as and when it becomes available.

UPDATE01 – 17:38 – 17/01/2014

We have been advised that the cause of the issue has been a “flapping” port between BT wholesale and our wholesale provider causing a loss in bandwidth. This has now been resolved however will have caused stale PPP sessions to occur. If you don’t have service can you please reboot all your hardware.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATE02 – 12:09 – 21/01/2014

An incident report has been made available for this issue. Major Incident Report – Enta Outage 17-01-2014

Withdrawal of 02/BE* Wholesale LLU DSL services

The 02 Wholesale network which is used to provide some of our ADSL services is being switched off on the 27th February 2014 following last year’s acquisition of the 02 and BE* retail customer base by Sky.

This news is unwelcome within the industry and requires a change in service we provide to you if you are on an LLU package provided by Structured Communications. BT Wholesale has advised they are accepting migrations from the 02 Wholesale network in light of the recent industry news, This will automatically be arranged by Structured Communications for effected circuits prior to the 27th February 2014.

The current pricing structure and packages will be migrated like for like as will login credentials and IP address settings.

We are starting migrations on the 14th of January 2014 whereby you will experience a brief loss of service while the physical exchange work is completed. (30 minutes average maximum) We hope to have all affected circuits migrated by the 1st February 2014

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0203 301 4000