Packet Loss on Virgin Media Circuits

We are aware of an issue with one of our wholesale interconnects with Virgin Media, which is causing packet loss for a small number of circuits.

An engineer is on route to investigate this link further. We are expecting to have further updates at approximately 13:00.

*UPDATE 01 @ 13:38**

Service has now been restored following the fiber link being cleaned and re-seated.

NOC: Planned Maintenance – 27/07/2013 – 22:00 till 23:30 – EasyBOND

We will be upgrading our bonded platform from version 2.19 to 2.32. During this time your router may disconnect a few times, and there may be a period of instability. We expect no more than 30-60 seconds of downtime during this window.

UPDATE 01 @ 23:30
This upgrade is now complete and we are monitoring the service.

NOC: Planned Maintenance – 24/07/2013 – 22:00 till 25/07/2013 – 02:00 – LON01 Goswell Road

In line with our previous upgrade work to LON01 we are now ready to “bring up” our BGP sessions to our new and existingt transit providers. During this time there may be a period of routing instability, however no service outages are expected.

**UPDATE 01 @ 18:44 – 24/07/2013**
Engineers are now onsite and will start to prepair for this work.

**UPDATE 02 @ 21:54 – 24/07/2013**
Engineers are now ready to start this work.

**UPDATE 03 @ 00:54 – 25/07/2013**
Engineers have now completed this work and our BGP sessions to our new peers are live, we are now solely announcing our IP space from our ASN (AS199283) Fail-over between links has been tested and completed successfully. Some routing instability maybe seen over the next 12-48 hours while BGP tables update to reflect our ASN, however should be minimal.

No outages where experienced durning this window, other than testing which lasted 15 seconds.

UPDATE 04 @ 16:33 – 25/07/2013 FINAL
90% of the world IPv4 registers now see our ASN and we are happy that the remaining will update over the next 12 hours and be reflected via RIPE.

    This work is now complete