LON01 – ESXi10 PSU – 12:10 – 26/12/2014 *CLOSED*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to a possable PSU failure
on ESXi10. This server has redundant supplys and remains online but in an “at risk” state.

Engineers are due to investigate shortly with the aim of restoring the supply remotely if possible should this be confirmed as being in a warning state.

Failed hardware will be replaced as soon as possable and the unit shutdown to protect adjacent devices.

UPDATE 01 – 13:00
An Engineer has remotely logged in to the OOB (out of bounds) management interface to get real-time hardware / status information from the server and has been able to confirm both PSUs are in an operational state.

We can only conclude ESXi is feeding our network monitoring incorrect data to our SNMP session.

Further investigation is required as to the cause of this, however we are happy the server is not at risk and closing this risk report

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