LON01 – 07/12/2015 – 23:00 till 03:00 – EasyXDSL – Maintenance

We have been advised by one of our interconnect providers that that they will be conducting a software upgrade on there core Junos router at Telehouse North between 23:00 and 03:00 on the 07/12/2015 from 23:00 – 03:00. This upgrade work will affect one of our fibre waves we use for DSL termination back in to our network at Goswell Road. DSL traffic traversing over this link will drop during the maintenance window, however should re-establish over an alternative link via Telehouse East which is unaffected.

The nature of these works include a reload of the Junos hardware at Telehouse North by our wave supplier and in theory should be the only disruption we see. Unfortunately sort disruptions like this will cause multiple DSL PPP session re-terminations as they flip back and forth between Telehouse North and Telehouse East as our network is designed to use the former where possible. Due this concern and avoiding any other unforeseen issues that will cause session drops during the maintenance windows, we will be manually shutting down the Telehouse North link at 22:00 on the night with the view of bringing it backup at 07:00 the following morning. This will limit the session drops to these times and provide a stable service throughout.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

UPDATE 01 – 21:50 We have removed LNS02 from the available pool. This should aid in services re-terminating quickly on LNS01.

UPDATE 02 – 22:00 We have shutdown our Telehouse North link, with traffic re-routing over to Telehouse East as expected

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