EasyXDSL – Entanet WBC & IPSC Cannot connect Issues – 30/09/2014 – 20:10 *RESOLVED*

We are aware of a DSL issue affecting our wholesale provider Entanet. This is not localised to any part of the UK but as a result people are not able to connect to the internet.

Customers on our EasyBOND platform with dual ISP reliance will be seeing a reduced service.

Once more information becomes available we will update this notice.

UPDATE01 – 20:18
We have received an update to advise Entanet are seeing an issue with telehouse-east.core.enta.net and are working to resolve the issue.

UPDATE02 – 20:25
We have seen all DSL tails return to service but are awaiting official confirmation. We have also requested an RFO from Entanet

UPDATE03 – 03/10/2014
RFO can be found HERE

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