11/04/2018 – Email SMTP

We are aware of issues affecting SMTP email delivery on smtp02.structuredcommunications.co.uk

We always advise anyone using smtp02.structuredcommunications.co.uk to also setup smtp01.structuredcommunications.co.uk (this server is currently unaffected)

Due to the blocks in place on smtp02.structuredcommunications.co.uk it will take several days for the server reputation to recover.

04/04/2018 – Goswell Road (GWR) C3 Migration – 19:00

As part of our THN migration we are due to migrate services from C3 to C2 tonight. There will be no impact on major services such as broadband.

Works are only expected to take 10 minutes per service and affect a small number of bonded customers and hosted voice services.


This work is complete. However, during the works a configuration issue was made on a 10GB port that resulted in traffic being re-routed. This was spotted and resolved within minutes.