15/03/2018 – Telehouse North (THN) Enablement & Network Expansion

We are pleased to advise that we have recently added Telehouse North to our network location list and will begin enabling this for service over the next few months.

During this time we will be making changes to the current network located in Level3 Goswell Road in order to felicitate this. We hope to keep service disruption to a minimum and NOC notices will be published in advance of any works and the resulting impact they may have to your service.

Goswell Road as a result will be retired and all remaining services moved to our own in house data center. Details on this will follow as the THN migration is planned and the final build phase on our facility is completed.

LON01 – EasyHTTP – 03/03/2018

We have been made aware via a number of external mail partners that they are seeing odd patterns of mail flow from this platform which is affecting SMTP delivery to various destinations.

Initial investigations have shown this to be down to a rouge EXE on the server likely due to a compromised site. Scans are currently underway to isolate the EXE as well as integrity checks on the platform to correct any miss configuration on client folders.

Temempory measures have been added to hopefully prevent it from executing and causing further issues.

As a result of the above scans and audit the platform is under high load until this is resolved. Currently there is no ETA, however we will provide updates once we know more.

UPDATE01 – 20:00

Detailed scans are still underway. Due to the volume of files this is taking longer than planned. Server usage remains high as a result

UPDATE02 – 23:55

Scan progress is at 61% and will continue in to the night / morning. Backups will still run however this will only add to the already excessive load.

UPDATE03 – 04/04/2018 – 09:30

Both scans completed and results are being reviewed.

UPDATE04 – 04/04/2018 – 10:30

Removal works are complete and we are planning to reboot the server from 10:30 to restore a number of security policys.