LON01 – EasyHTTP – Outbound SMTP – 14/08/2017

We are aware of outbound SMTP delivery issues on server01.r02.easyhttp.co.uk This has been caused by a compromised user account on this server that has been used to send out a large volume of SPAM this morning. The account has been terminated and is being dealt with however, it has resulted in temporary delivery restrictions from some remote hosts such as Yahoo.

We are monitoring the situation. Any failed emails depending on the remote host will be queued for re-delivery. If delivery restrictions remain then we will look to divert outbound email flow via another internal SMTP array on the sort term.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATE01 – 14:43
We are no longer seeing outbound emails queue on the server what have failed delivery due to the server reputation. Due to this we have agreed not to re-direct outbound SMTP. If users are still seeing bounce back emails then please email support and we will review on a case by case biases.