LON01 – Network Issue – 25/07/2017 – 14:05

We are aware of a network affecting issue. Engineers are currently working to identify the root cause and affected services.

UPDATE 01 – 14:15

Following an audit of our network monitoring we can confirm this only affected our DSL services. Initial diagnostics show this to be a Zen WHOLESALE issue further upstream with one of our providers as we observed a number of L2TP Tunnels shutdown and BGP prefix withdrawals from THN.

A fault has been logged with their NOC department who confirmed that their was an issue that affected Wholesale L2TP subscribers along with there channel and direct retail customers.

Services have restored and we have provided our diagnostic information to there NOC. At this time we are unaware of the root cause and services should be considered at risk for now.

UPDATE 02 – 21:30

We are awaiting an RFO and have been advised no further repeats are expected.

LON01 – xDSL – 07/07/2017 *At Risk*

Network monitoring has advised us that one of wholesale L2TP fibre links are down for xDSL. This is part of our backup network and is not service affecting, however due to its non operation at this time the DSL network is classed as *At Risk* Further updates will be published once available.

This is currently suspected to be a fibre break within one of our cross connects at Telehouse East.

UPDATE 01 – 07/07/2017 – 23:30
We have been advised by Telehouse staff that fibre cleaning works took place on our cross connect. This has restored service and we have confirmed this at both ends.

UPDATE 02 – 10/07/2017 – 09:30
Service has remained stable so we are closing this incident.