EasyXDSL – 10/04/2017 – 12/04/2017

We have been advised by 1 of our wholesale DSL suppliers that they will be undertaking work to upgrade firmware on various distribution switches in London at the following times:

Monday 10th April 23:00 -> Tuesday 11th April 06:00
Tuesday 11th April 23:00 -> Wednesday 12th April 06:00
Wednesday 12th April 23:00 -> Thursday 13th April 06:00 – Contingency

This work will not affect our interconnects / BGP sessions with the supplier however it will affect L2TP tunnels causing them to reset. This will result in customers loosing PPP sessions at times while the work is undertaken.

Any customer who does not come back in to service, we would advise you to power down all your hardware for 20 minutes as the work may also create stale sessions.