LON01 – EasyIPT – 13/09/2016 – 10:07 *Outbound Calls*

We are aware of a problem with outbound calls. This has been isolated to an upstream carrier and removed from our carrier pool. Traffic is re-routing as expected.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

UPDATE01 – 10:30
Discussions with this upstream carrier have uncovered our account being suspended incorrectly which was re-enabled promptly when there mistake was discovered. Further discussions are being had with there management as no notice was given to ourselves at the time.

We have also discovered the upstream carrier was sending back a 404 error to our softwitch. This error code prevented our system for trying another route as a 404 is “not found” or number incorrect.

UPDATE02 – 11:44
We have bought this carrier back in to service and as above are conducting a review with there management team in to there actions.

UPDATE03 – 10:03
We are aware this issue reoccurred again this morning between the hours of 09:30 and 10:00. The same upstream carrier was at fault and we have further escalations in place for a response.

LON01 – EasyXDSL Fibre Hostlink– 06/09/2016 – 23:00

We have been advised by one of our fibre wave providers that they will be conducting some emergency maintenance on some fibre interconnects which includes a circuit used by ourselves.

To avoid any unexpected issues we will manually re-route traffic and flag that link as unavailable. Some PPP sessions may drop and re-establish for DSL circuits using this link.

UPDATE 01 – 22:23

Traffic has been re-routed. We where able to maintain reachability to our L2TP endpoints, as such no PPP session drops where seen. The link will be bought back in to service once we have received a clear from that wave provider.