LON01 – POP-C002.017 – 06/04/2016 – 10:00 – 12:00 – *Emergency Work* *COMPLETE*

Further to our NOC notice posted on the 31/03/2016 in respect to power at one of our POPs “C002.017 – Goswell Road”, Our network monitoring has alerted us to another loss of power on the secondary feed at this cab.

Structured engineers are attending site tomorrow morning within the above maintenance window to install equipment that will allow us to isolate the faulty hardware without further risk to services provided via this cabinet going forward. The work will involve the replacement of various power distribution hardware. At this time the POP is operating on its redundant power feed and all services have been re-routed where possible. Ethernet services provided by this cab are considered “at risk” until power has been fully restored. Transit services will automatically re-route in the event of a failure.

Due to the nature of the works, engineers will be working within a live cabinet. No issues are expected and extreme care will be taken while the works are under-taken.

Further updates will be provided in the morning.

UPDATE01 – 10:10
Engineers have started work.

UPDATE02 – 10:55
The new power distribution hardware has been installed and engineers will begin to power up the affected hardware 1 device at a time. Level3 are on site with us in the evn of another problem.

UPDATE03 – 11:10
All hardware has been powered up and the faulty device found (all be it with a bang and fire) Unfortunately the failed hardware is the redundant power supply on the network core within this rack. Redundant hardware of this size is not kept on site and we are currently in the process of sourcing another unit. Further updates to follow.

UPDATE04 – 12:02
Further test have been done and confirmed the PSU unit has failed. Engineers have removed a power supply from another unit from our 4th floor suite and installed it within the 2nd floor POP to confirm it is un-damaged by the recent events. Further updates to follow.

UPDATE05 – 12:45
Engineers have ordered a same day replacement from one of our suppliers. Engineers are going to remain on site to fit and commission the new hardware on arrival

UPDATE06 – 15:25
Engineers remain on site awaiting hardware. ETA was 15:30, however this has been pushed back due to a crash on the A3.

UPDATE07 – 15:25
Enginners remain on site having little fun. We have been advised the part is now in London and will be with us by 17:30

UPDATE08 – 17.35
The replacement part has arrived on site

UPDATE09 – 17.50
Despite our best efforts, our supplier has shipped the wrong part! Discussions had with them have concluded with no further delivery options today. New hardware has been sourced and is being made avaliable to site for a timed delivery. Engineers are attending again in the morning to swap out the (hopefully) correct new part. We do applogise for the delay in getting this resolved, however want to remind customers who route via this device that it is still operating as expected on its redundant supply.

UPDATE10 – 09:30 – 07/04/2016
Engineers have retured to site and are awaiting delivery of the new PSU.

UPDATE11 – 09:46 – 07/04/2016
Delivery update to advise the hardware will be on site before 11am.

UPDATE12 – 10:33 – 07/04/2016
Hardware has arrived on site and engineers have confirmed it is the correct unit this time.

UPDATE13 – 10:47 – 07/04/2016
Engineers have installed the new power supply and confirmed its operation within the core. A series of load tests have been conducted with normal operation observed.

UPDATE14 – 11:00 – 07/04/2016
We are happy the new power supply is operating as expected, however will continue to monitor its operation for the next few hours. The site is no longer classed as “at risk” and this issue will now be closed off.
We apologise one again for the delay this has taken to resolve and will be reviewing our internal procedures on hardware spares of this nature at Goswell Road.