TalkTalk Circuts – 15-07/2015 – 09:45 *RESOLVED*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to increased latency and packet loss on some Talk Talk EFM circuits. We have raised a fault with our supplier and are currently awaiting there response.

UPDATE01 – 10:55
Our network monitoring is showing a reduction in packet loss and latency, however we have not had an official update.

UPDATE02 – 11:50
Our network monitoring is again showing latency increasing along with packet loss. We have chased for an update.

UPDATE03 – 13:13
Our supplier has advised this is being caused by an overloaded transit link due to windows updates. We have escalated this response to there management as this level of service should not be contended on a wholesale level. We are awaiting there response.

UPDATE04 – 15:00
Latency has returned back to normal and packet loss has gone. We are still awaiting an official clear and response to our escalation.

LON01 – EasyIPT – 13/07/2014 – 20:00 till 21:00 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

We are aware some users have been seeing stuck SIP sessions today, whereby “BYE” messages have not been completely clearing down resulting in accounts hitting a concurrent call limit. A work around has been put in place for this until this evening when we can reload the core device to drop any sessions still in this state.

UPDATE01 – 20:05
This work has started and the server has been requested to reload.

UPDATE02 – 20:15
The server has reloaded and is accepting SIP requests, however is not processing any call routing.

UPDATE03 – 20:35
We have discovered that the Kamailio Proxy service has failed to start which is why calls are not being processed. We are working to restore the service.

UPDATE04 – 20:40
The service has been restored and test calls are now routing OK.

LON01 – 01/07/2015 – 20:00 – 21:00 – EasyBond – Maintenance *COMPLETE*

During this window we will be upgrading our bonded platform to the latest software version as per our software vendors recommendation. Customers on the platform may notice drops in service while this takes place. Any customer using the service with our EasyIPT VOIP solution may notice there handsets fail to register with status lights remaining orange. If this occurs please power down all hardware for 5 minutes and power back up once the maintenance window is marked as complete.

UPDATE01 – 21:06
This work is complete.