Monthly Archives: June 2015

LON01 – 26/06/2015 – 13:00 – CORE01.LON01 *EMERGENCY WORKS* COMPLETE*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to a intermittent fan failure on PSU 1 within CORE01.LON01. This device has redundant PSUs so no impact is expected.

Engineers will attend this afternoon to swap out the failing power supply. Again no impact is expected to be seen, however the device will be marked as “at risk” for the duration enginners are working on it.

Updates will be provided once available.

UPDATE01 – 14:00

This work has been completed without any issue.

LON01 – 24-06-2015 – 20:00 – 22:00 – Network Maintenance (IPv4) *COMPLETE*

In the above window we will be making changes to ACCESS01.lON01 converting this to our 3rd core device (CORE03.LON01) We will then be expanding BGP to the device to provide a full IPv4 routing table. No outage is expected, however as routing tables update within our network users may see routes changes around our network.

This work was part prosponed due to enginner avalibity and will take place on Friday along with the IPv6 works.