LON01 – ESXi10 PSU – 12:10 – 26/12/2014 *CLOSED*

Our network monitoring has alerted us to a possable PSU failure
on ESXi10. This server has redundant supplys and remains online but in an “at risk” state.

Engineers are due to investigate shortly with the aim of restoring the supply remotely if possible should this be confirmed as being in a warning state.

Failed hardware will be replaced as soon as possable and the unit shutdown to protect adjacent devices.

UPDATE 01 – 13:00
An Engineer has remotely logged in to the OOB (out of bounds) management interface to get real-time hardware / status information from the server and has been able to confirm both PSUs are in an operational state.

We can only conclude ESXi is feeding our network monitoring incorrect data to our SNMP session.

Further investigation is required as to the cause of this, however we are happy the server is not at risk and closing this risk report

LON01 – **Christmas Network Freeze***

Please note that in order to protect the quality of your services over the busy Christmas period Structured Communications and several of our suppliers will be implementing network freezes. This means that between the dates listed below, no platform changes or other non-essential activity will be conducted. Essential emergency maintenance will continue if required and will be advised via NOC (http://noc.structuredcommunications.co.uk)

Structured From 17:30 on the 19th December 2014 until 09:00 on 5th January 2015

BT No formal freeze but staffing levels will be reduced over the Christmas period

Colt From 15th December to 4th January

Level 3 13th December to January 5th 2015

TalkTalk Business 15th December to January 2nd 2015

Virgin Media From 11th December for project/service launches, 18th December for business as usual changes to 5th January 2015 00:01

Vodafone 12th December 2014 until 5th January 2015

In all cases the period starts at 00:01 and ends at 23:59 unless otherwise stated.

PBX routing changes can be made up until the 23rd Dec 2014 (17:00) however we do request 24 hours notice prior to this cut off due to the increased support demand. Tickets submitted within this 24 hour window will be completed. Customers with their own access can of course make changes past this period.

Other PBX system configuration changes will not be made until the new year.

If you have any questions regarding the network freeze please contact us on 0203 301 4000

LON01 – 15/12/2014 – 20:00 till 23:00 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

1) We will be making some changes to our VPS cluster to bring online additional capacity. Unmanaged 3rd party VPS sessions may see a small amount of downtime while there images are moved. No other impact is expected.

2) An audit will be conducted on our existing bulk fibre between our suite on the 4th floor and our meet me rack on the 2nd. This is for upcoming network expansion. No outages are expected however the links should be considered “at risk” due to the physical nature of the works. Should an outage occur on a fibre link then our network will automatically re-route traffic via a alternative path.

UPDATE01 – 23:30 These works have been completed as expected, However the 3rd party ESXi images will not be moved until 22:00 Tuesday night (16/12/14)