EasyXDSL – Entanet WBC & IPSC Cannot connect Issues – 30/09/2014 – 20:10 *RESOLVED*

We are aware of a DSL issue affecting our wholesale provider Entanet. This is not localised to any part of the UK but as a result people are not able to connect to the internet.

Customers on our EasyBOND platform with dual ISP reliance will be seeing a reduced service.

Once more information becomes available we will update this notice.

UPDATE01 – 20:18
We have received an update to advise Entanet are seeing an issue with telehouse-east.core.enta.net and are working to resolve the issue.

UPDATE02 – 20:25
We have seen all DSL tails return to service but are awaiting official confirmation. We have also requested an RFO from Entanet

UPDATE03 – 03/10/2014
RFO can be found HERE

LON01 – LON01-CORE – 25/09/2014 – 20:00 till 22:00 *Planned Maintenance* *COMPLETE*

On the 25/09/2014 between the hours of 20:00 – 22:00 we will be replacing a line card in our LON01-CORE following on from the failure seen on the 28/08/2014.

The works will involve disconnecting all devices that are connected to that line card. Any server that has a redundant feed via another line card will remain online but “at risk” Any server with a single feed will go offline for the duration. Where customer’s PBXs are connected to this line card, they will see a loss of service and may require a reboot of their handsets / system following the works to clear any stale NAT sessions.

UPDATE01 – 20:10
Work on this replacement has started and engineers have started to disconnect devices connected to the S3 line card.

UPDATE02 – 20:50
The card has been replaced and devices have been reconnected. The card is now being placed in to a test mode to complete a series of self tests. Ports may reset and services are still classed as at risk.

UPDATE02 – 22:50
Testing complete and the line card is now back in service. Any users who don’t have a connection to there PBX are advised to power down your hardware and then power back on.

LON01 – EasyIPT – Unmanaged Accounts – BGP Changes – 18:00-18:10 – 02/09/2014 *COMPLETE*

In line with the previous correspondence sent out to all unmanaged EasyIPT accounts whereby a customer has a direct connection to the carrier and has not migrated over to our in-house platform (Sipwise), then the following changes are due to take place tonight on our network as we no longer route managed traffic to this IP range.

1)Removal of the network prefix via our private Frontier / Voiceflex interconnects.

Non migrated accounts will also not benefit from our redundant outbound routing in the event of a carrier failure, nore the additional in-house call fraud monitoring services offered via Sipwise. Unmanaged customers are reminded that call fraud protection is there sole responsibility to protect against and will be liable for any occurrences and financial costs.