NOC: Planned Maintenance – 29/11/2013 – 21:00 till 22:00 – LON01 (EasyBond) *COMPLETE*

We will be conducting an upgrade of our bonded platform on the above date to Patch 9 Version 2.32

The update will cause a brief interruption to service

UPDATE01 *FINAL* @ 21:25 – 29/11/2013

This work is now complete.

BGP route hi-jack – 20:35 – 18/11/2013 *RESOLVED*

At 20:17 we were made aware by our networking monitoring software that both our /21 ranges where being announced by our previous transit provider (AS24867) and not ourselves (AS199283)

We are current working to get this resolved.

UPDATE01 – 21:22

We have discovered the announcement was detected in the Czech Republic learnt by 6881 15685 6939 24867. Engineers are still working on the root cause of the rouge announcement, however this incident is now closed. A report will be made available as and when a full investigation has taken place.

Entanet BGP Peering – Planned outage – 26/11/2013 – 00:01 till 06:00 *COMPLETE*

We have been advised that one of our upstream providers Entanet are relocating there POP within Goswell Road at the request of Level3. This work will involve the re-routing of our fibre cables along with there hardware.

In order to keep disruption to a minimum and to ensure our private traffic to Enta is automatically re-routed via our other upstream providers, we will be taking our BGP / transit down several hours before the works are due to take place.

No long term service impact is anticipated, however people routing to us via our Enta transit will see between 30-60 second of routing instability while routes re-converge via BGP.

Peering shutdown time: 22:00 (25/11/2013)
Peering start-up time: 08:00 (26/11/2013)

UPDATE01 @ 19:10 – 25/11/2013

We have been advised that there is a problem with the newly run fibre. Due to this we have suspended the above planned works and will re-schedule.

UPDATE02 @ 08:00 – 26/11/2013

Our Upstream provider Entanet still relocated one of their POPs as planned. We will migrate of the existing core once the fibre fault has been resolved.

UPDATE03 @ 09:09 – 26/11/2013

I have just been advised that Level3 re-ran our Fibre cross-connects late last night following our escalation and both tested OK. Our upstream provider continued with the move on our behalf and we can advise that our transit links have now been migrated to the new core. During this move we did lose our BGP session as it was not taken down as originally planned, However other upstream providers took the traffic as our network is designed to with minimum downtime.